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Adding a GPS Unit

Garmin just released the Zumo XT2 and I figured it was a good time to finally add a dedicated GPS unit.

I’m very impressed with it so far. My phone and Sena (helmet Bluetooth/speakers) both connect to the GPS unit and it acts as an intermediary, playing music or calls while also injecting directions when riding.

In the center of the dash is this bejeweled Goldwing logo. It’s a pretty good spot for a GPS!

One 3d print later (okay, 3 prints later, it took a couple tries to get it right) and I have this fancy new mount:

And navigation is added! Loving the GPS unit too, it’s motorcycle specific features are continuing to impress so far.

About Me

A software developer in the western part of North Carolina puttering around trying to see the sights.

About The Bike

I ride a 1988 Honda Goldwing. The bike was purchased in poor condition and rebuilt from the ground up.