Goldwing Travels and Adventures around Asheville

The Bike

My 1988 Honda Goldwing was found in a very sorry state down in a barn in South Carolina. Without even going to see the bike I pulled out cash and had my mom give me a ride down to go look at and buy it.

I do not make good decisions…

Now I knew when buying the bike it needed tires, and the brakes definitely needed some adjusting, but otherwise it ran great and didn’t seem to have any issues! …I thought.

The tires were especially in rough shape. Bald in the center, rotted out and felt horrible to ride home on. I immediately pulled them.

The air filter was horribly filthy. It clearly hadn’t been changed in forever.

The timing belts were re-done as well.

Including making custom timing belt tensioners, since the OEM ones are super expensive.

Then came the carburetors. They were a pain in the behind to get out in the first place, and look at the nest these are!

And they were dirty as could be, but an ultrasonic cleaner got them cleaned right up!

It also turns out all the hydraulics needed rebuilding. This is the clutch master/slave cylinder and the amount of gunk in it was incredible.

Ultimately the bike as a whole has had a huge amount of stuff replaced on it, but it’s been a fun journey. At this point, the bike as a whole has had many things done since I acquired it:

  • Carburetors cleaned/rebuilt
  • Brake calipers rebuilt
  • Brake master cylinders rebuilt
  • Clutch master cylinder rebuilt
  • Clutch slave cylinder rebuilt
  • Timing belts replaced
  • Timing belt tensioners upgraded to modern roller bearing designs
  • Air (engine/cruise/secondary) filters replaced
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Front forks rebuilt (new guides, bushings, seals, fork oil)
  • Clutch replaced
  • Gauge cluster lights upgraded to LEDs
  • Seat recovered
  • Headlights upgraded to LEDs
  • Possum

Greetings from the Parkway!

About Me

A software developer in the western part of North Carolina puttering around trying to see the sights.

About The Bike

I ride a 1988 Honda Goldwing. The bike was purchased in poor condition and rebuilt from the ground up.